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Impossible? A fantasy? Not anymore! This is the New Jersey Pollution Prevention Act, a major adjustment in the way that regulators and the business community view pollution and hazardous waste.

The Pollution Prevention Act emphasizes minimizing the need to use hazardous substances or generate hazardous wastes during a manufacturing process. It controls pollution by preventing it from being created! RCRA and SARA Title III encourage businesses to recycle their wastes, but it does not stop pollution f rom being created. Pollution control just shifts the pollution from one medium to another.

Are You Ready?

Industries that file an EPA Form R for SARA Title III must prepare a Pollution Preventions Plan. Paper, Chemical, rubber, plastic and metal processing companies had to complete a plan by 1994; other manufacturers needed to have a plan perepared by 1996. the NJDEP has identifiedfive pollution prevention categories: Input substitution; inprocess recycling; product reformulation; efficiency improvement; and improved housekeeping. They have developed a twelve-step program for preparing a Pollution Prevention Plan. This program comprehensively evaluates industrial processes to eliminate hazardous material outputs that are not intermediates or finished pr oducts. It is an unprecedented coordination of management, sales, accounting, production and environmental compliance.

Want Help?

The exciting part is that pollution prevention focuses on reducing raw material and pollution management costs. Often, these cost savings create a positive net present value on a pollution prevention investment. Pollution prevention can be profitable. A Hudson County chemical manufacturer reformulated a production process to recover waste Isopropanol as a salable product. The company eliminated a waste disposal cost and turned it into an income stream! An Essex County metal coating firm recycled MEK inprocess and reduced use by 85%. It resulted in an annual savings of $20,000 and a four-month payback.

See if you, too, can profit from pollution prevention by calling the Envar Services environmental staff.


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