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Envar Services, Inc. was established in 1960 to provide Mechanical and Civil Engineering Services to the petroleum and maritime services industries.  These activities included all phases of petroleum related projects including terminals, pipelines, pumping stations, chemical facilities, mechanical and electrical facilities, marine engineering and design of tanker terminals.

In 2002 Mr. Sidney M. Johnson PE, formerly Senior Vice President of URS/Madigan-Praeger Consulting Engineers joined Envar Services as Manager of Port Technology and Engineering specializing in marine construction design and increasingly, in today’s  tight economic conditions, the inspection, evaluation, and repair/preservation of existing facilities.  

The combination of these specialties and our experience in Operations Management and Environmental Services provides our clients with a comprehensive professional practice in the design of marine and waterfront facilities for both the General Cargo and Petroleum Industries. 

The firm’s staff has completed approximately 300 major projects, worldwide, with a significant amount of the work centered around New York Harbor. These projects embrace all types of marine and waterfront facilities with ownership by government, business, private agencies, and individuals. In recent years a substantial percentage of our work has been directed toward rehabilitation of existing structures as compared to designing new facilities for expanding waterfront enterprises. As a result, a greater part of our efforts are now involved in the inspection and evaluation of existing deteriorated piers, wharves and bulkheads with the objective of restoring or preserving the facility for continued use. Frequently, this future use is for a function other than the original purpose. For example, in New York the original purpose usually was to provide berthage and general cargo transfer facilities. Today, recreation, residential, warehousing, and commercial usages predominate. Our advantage is our staff’s experience in inspection and more particularly, the evaluation of existing deteriorated facilities. We recognize the signs and characteristics of serious decay as opposed to superficial damage. As part of our ability to provide accurate diagnosis, we have employed and trained our associated divers who have developed a proven ability to recognize the significance of the subaqueous conditions.

 In addition, our engineers have learned how to design methods of practical, effective and low cost rehabilitation so that our clients have come to appreciate that Envar Services will provide the most cost effective solutions to problems. This appreciation is reflected in our repeat client workload; which has included the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, Port Authority of NY & NJ, Massport, and the Rhode Island Port Authority.



Engineering  Port Technology  Environmental  Site Planning  Construction

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