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     Do you store hazardous substances other than petroleum? Are you aware that you must comply with revised NJDEP regulations? Did you know that you are playing Russian Roulette if you do not comply with regulations that were revised many years ago? Non-compliance with these revised regulations could cost you a $20,000 civil administrative penalty. Moreover, there are substantial additional fines for non-compliance - up to $50,000.

     August 1, 1992 was the final compliance deadline for facilities storing over 20,000 gallons of hazardous materials. The regulations involve preparation of Discharge Prevention, Containment, and Countermeasure (DPCC) and Discharge Cleanup and Removal (DCR) plans. If yours are not ready, you could be facing a monumental task.

Are You Ready?

You're ready only if you have:

  • Set goals and schedules for your plan

  • Collected and organized the general information needed

  • Evaluated mapping options

  • Obtained the proper certifications

  • Can demonstrate compliance with the revised regulations

Want Help?

     Let our Envar Services DPCC/DCR Audit Program help you meet your goals and make sure your plan is complete. The Envar Services environmental staff has been helping clients comply with environmental regulations for over 28 years. To help you, our team of specialists has develop ed the DPCC/DCR Audit Program. With this program, we will help you gather the necessary information for your plan and work with you to prepare it.

To Get Started:

     Call Envar Services today for a free, no obligation pre-audit survey. This survey will be conducted at your facility and will include a site inspection, general recommendations for compliance, an estimate of Audit Report costs, and answers to questions regarding DPCC regulations.


Engineering  Environmental  Site Planning  Construction

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